Holidays, Vacations and Living in Crete

Venturing out from your home or holiday villa in Crete you will find that Crete is a very diverse island which offers a huge variety of attractions, activities and places of interest to visit and enjoy time and time again. 

Crete, also know as Kriti or Kreta, is the largest and most southerly of the Greek islands. Crete has a fantastic dry climate for the majority of the year; most days are sunny and even in the winter spectacular views of the snow covered White Mountains can be enjoyed in sunshine and warmth that rarely drops below 10degrees Celcius. All in all the cold weather rarely lasts more than 2 months - January and February.

Crete is said to be the birthplace of Zeus and today many visitors return on a regular basis to explore the variety of experiences this island offers. Historical sites are scattered across the island revealing secrets of the ancient Minoan civilization such as Knossos and Phaestos. Venetian fortresses and Byzantine churches can be found across Crete. Beautiful Venetian harbours provide breathtaking scenery whilst enjoying the fresh fish and vegetables grown locally on the island. Appreciate why Cretans are renowned for one of the healthiest diets in the world and also renowned for their hospitality.

Explore tavernas sited along the edge of the sparkling sea where visions of its incredibly clear blue water's greet you at every turn. Many a memorable evening can be spent enjoying a spectacular sunset after a relaxing day by the shore or walking in the countryside. The choice of basking in the brilliant sunshine, bathing in the warm Mediterranean Sea, snorkeling among the clear Cretan waters or partaking in energetic water sports provides enjoyment for everyone. Visit one of the islands Water parks for a fun packed day out. Horse riding for all ages is available for beach and country rides. Crete hosts a 18 hole Golf course at Heraklion.

The nightlife in Chania is vibrant and the choice to dine in the cool evening breeze or dance the night away is an attractive way to spend your evenings. Some of the most lively nightclubs in Europe are to be found here in Crete.

If you feel energetic then explore one of the many gorges. The Samaria Gorge is the most well known and follows an 18 kilometre scenic route down to the pretty resort of Agia Roumeli. The gorge is open from 1 May until 31 October and still offers spectacular views during the winter months covered in snow.  It is well worth driving up to view the changes in the weather at such an altitude. Dine beside the warmth of an open fire on a winter afternoon and enjoy Cretan hospitality. Imbros Gorge is a much less strenuous gorge and is passable all year round.

Crete has so much to offer at different times of the year. In April the Cretan wild flowers bloom in the early sunshine carpeting the mountainsides in a riot of colour. Each week brings forth another blooming of flowers including wild orchids and mini tulip. Many hours can be spent identifying the different species of flora and fauna in Crete’s unspoilt natural environment.

Car hire enables you to explore the winding roads and beautiful Cretan countryside. Stop at local tavernas where you will be invited into the kitchen to view what is on the menu. Sample locally made goats cheese, olives and local village sausages. Take note of where the local villagers dine and follow their trail to tasty delights. Sundays are a family day and Greek families join together for Sunday lunch. Tavernas can be busy and full of life as the family come together to celebrate their life.

Take time to sit at a village kafenia and listen to stories of life during World War II and visit the war graves, both the Allied cemetery at Souda Bay and the German cemetery at Maleme. Battle of Crete commemorations take place annually around the anniversary 20-25th May.

Chania offers an amazing myriad of modern shops and Cretan crafts. Stroll through the Market Hall and learn about the beneficial properties of local herbs. Marvel at the variety of fish on sale and sample some fish in the adjoining local restaurants. Wind your way through the streets of handmade crafts, locally made leather goods and locally designed and handmade jewellery. Continue downhill towards the harbour where an afternoon can be spent relaxing in the shade and enjoying local cuisine or fresh juices and ice creams. Horse carriage trips around Chania town can be found in the harbour area.

We hope this gives you a feel for the excitement and variety of relaxing activities Crete can provide in a locally accessible area. Crete welcomes visitors from all over Europe and is also popular with local Cretan and Greek holidaymakers.

Have we given you a delightful taster of life on the island of Crete? Contact us to explore further how we can work together to provide you with all the elements to create your dream holiday or find the perfect location for your own property in Crete.