Chania or Hania is a family orientated town, traditionally Cretan in its charm. However, that does not stop it from boasting a lively night life. The family atmosphere is more profound during the winter, something that is slowly changing with the influx of University students from the University of Crete to the town. During the summer period (late April - early October) the place becomes more cosmopolitan with many tourists from both mainland Greece and from many other parts of the world. There are plenty of Greek tavernas, many of them serving traditional Cretan specialities and an increasing number of foreign cuisine restaurants. A large proportion are to be found in the Old Town, Nea Hora and Koum Kapi. These are the coastal areas of the town, but there are several restaurants to be found around the city as well. The Old Town is the place to find a myriad of galley bars and cafes, carved into the cliff side and the age-old Venetian buildings. Many are popular among people looking for a relaxed and cosy night out, offering a more intellectual point of view on nightlife, with good music ranging from jazz to indie and to traditional Greek. Other bars and cafes on the harbour front are very popular among specific types of visitors (Scandinavian Bars, American Bars etc). The area of Koum Kapi has developed rapidly during the last decade and nowadays offers a variety of mainstream cafes and a few restaurants. This area is very popular with the young Greeks of Hania, especially students from the University. There are some clubs in town, but people prefer to party closer to the beach resorts of Agia Marina and Platanias where the major clubs are located. These clubs are very famous and attract many Greek celebrities as Hania is a popular holiday destination for Greeks from the mainland as well as the foreign visitor. During the summer, entertainment is incorporated into the visit to the beach as many music beach bars can also be found. This is a social outing in itself replacing the afternoon coffee meetings in cafes of the winter months. Outdoor cinema is also available mainly showing English speaking films with Greek subtitles. Theatre groups and famous artists and singers also visit Hania throughout the summer and concerts and exhibitions are staged at various venues.

Outdoor evening festivals are held in various villages and are usually related to religious celebrations, which are quite popular during the summer months.

During the winter months entertainment is as lively as the summer. The only difference being that the venues move slightly inland away from the coast.