The booking process is broken down to 5 simple steps:

  1. Select the accommodation you would like to make a reservation for.
    Navigate using the list on the left of the screen and when you find a rental that interests you, scroll to the price list and see what options are available for the specific rental. Click on the corresponding "Reserve" button to place your choice in your booking list. The functionality resembles a typical e-commerce shopping cart in many ways. After you have selected the accommodation(s) you want you can proceed.

  2. Fill in the booking details.
    Select your arrival and departure dates from the calendar to obtain a price quote. Following that, fill in your contact information and press "Continue". You will be presented with a confirmation screen so you can validate that the date you have entered is to your satisfaction, this is the last step before a request is sent to us.

  3. Send the reservation request.
    The reservation request is sent to so we can confirm the availability of the selected accommodation(s). Upon confirmation we will send you an email containing a link so you can resume the booking process at your time of preference.

  4. Select payment method.
    Following the link you will receive via email from us you will be presented with the payment option. Pay directly online via PayPal.

  5. Booking process completion.
    The process is now over. Once your deposit clears we will notify you via email. If you've selected to use PayPal then upon return to our site the process will be completed and we will be notified of the payment.