Now you have visited Crete and maybe stayed in one of our wonderful villas, you might have begun dreaming of owning your own villa? Crete a la Carte has close associations with reputable local builders who have a large portfolio of property for sale in Crete, both off plan and resale. An ever increasing number of people are discovering the benefits of buying a house on this amazing island. Not just for holiday homes but also as a permanent residence. A long standing member of the European Union makes Crete a secure place to invest in and allows British citizens over 60 free health care. Crete has a very low crime rate, excellent hospitals, schools and universities, while opportunities to start a business are growing in tourism and property development, making living in Crete a viable option. Property for sale in Crete is generally cheaper than in other parts of Europe and with a continuing upward trend in house prices year on year - despite the recession, buying a property in Crete is still an excellent investment for your money. As your property is built, you gain value on your investment. Crete is easily accessible from the UK with flights all year round either direct or via Athens.

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